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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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news," which is breaking news right now. we want to tell you about that in just the past two hours, the world meeting of families laid out more important plans for the papal visit later this month. >> the pope has a packed itinerary and has sparked security concerns all across philadelphia and now a new edition and that could complicate things further. now chad pradelli is live with all the details. >> reporter: hi monica, there are growing concerns for people coming down to the festivities, that they will not get a glimpse of pope francis, now they announced two parades involving the pope that weekend and organizers hope that the parades will help ease the concerns. >> pope francis will be doing a parade on the parkway, not one but two. >> the first parade will be on saturday september 26th, pope francis will be taken down the parkway and around city hall
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prior to the festival of families, the follow day is another parade and the route is yet to be announced and the route will be announced prior to the mass. >> everybody on the ben franklin parkway will have an opportunity to see pope francis, and they are issuing tickets for the mass, concert and speech. the tickets are in red and today organizers announced 25,000 additional tickets are being released next week on tuesday, for independence hall and wednesday for the remaining events, all tickets are on a first come first serve basis and distributed online, there is a four ticket limit. >> there is still room, the vast majority of the parkway for tens of thousands of people to come and see pope francis. and officials announce today
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that 1100 tour buses haven't registered for that weekend and fewer than the 4,000 to 5,000 that could indicate that fewer people are coming to see pope francis. i'm live in center city, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> we have all the lightest detales on the pope's visit in one place on our website, that includes everything you need to know about everything about the ticketing information head to now back to the violent home invasion in philadelphia, it did happen last night in the city's longcrest section and the victims and other family members spoke out saying the second time they have been targeted. sara bloomquist is live in northeast philadelphia, with more on this. hosh sara. >> yes, monica, after the victim's purse was snatched last week she installed a new state of the art surveillance system, they hope that the video will
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help identify the two armed men that ambushed a local fwroesry store owner and her mother pistol whipping two women. the woman arrived home on dorkous street in the hill street section. she saw the first suspect and tried to get inside but the suspect grabbed her as the accomplice approached. instead her 73-year-old mother joined in on the struggle, both women were pistol whipped and today she showed us the head wound where she required stapled bookses and on her arm. >> the whole time her mom is inside and she had a little altercation and they pushed them inside and demanded money off of her. >> they ransacked the bedroom but did not take anything, you can see the pair leaving out the
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front door, grimilda owns a grocery store in may fair and last week she had her purse snatched and they believe the suspects came back and were looking for more. >> completely targeted and her being a business owner, that is the direction where the investigation is going. >> after the purse snatching the family upgraded their surveillance system and they provided police with the clear video of the attack and the suspects getting away. >> cowardly act, and men victimizing women what is being a coward. that is sad and scary, we have to watch our backs coming to our own residence. >> police tell "action news" there are no similar crimes in that neighborhood. leading to the theory that the victim may have been watched and followed prior to the attack last week and again last night, if you can identify the men if the video you are asked to call
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northeast detectives. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> sara thank you. from our delaware newsroom tonight, three people including these two men, germane reed and travis may, are behind bars after a big drug bust in wilmington, is it started with a routine traffic stop, allen freeman was arrested after they found bags of heroin in the car and that led to a search of his car and home where they found suspect travis may, it netted 10,000 bags of heroin and $10,000 in cash and a loaded gun. turning to accuweather, the heat wave continues in the tristraight area, the hottest day of 2015, but relief is in sight. adam joseph is outside with a first look at the forecast. >> it's about time that relief is coming, it's the first week of september and go figure we have the hottest temperature of
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the year today. 96 so far in philadelphia, 14 degrees above normal, we should be sitting at 82 degrees, and 4 degrees shy of the record. 84 in cape may and beach haven, 84 and millville 95 last hour and now 94 and dover down to 88 but we are in the mid-90s along i-95 and low 90s to the north and wst. factor in the humidity, there is not much humidity in philadelphia, wilmington and allentown, similar to the air temperatures but the 80s feel like the 90s in cape may and beach haven, with the wind off the water adding more in the way of humidity to the atmosphere, as we look at satellite and radar, we have clouds and showers to the west, that is a cold front pushing in in the overnight hours, through the night and the day on friday and that brings relief on friday and
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saturday and we are tracking a nice holiday weekend here for labor day and we also are looking at heat wave number six with more 90s, i'll have all the numbers in the accuweather forecast. >> okay adam thank you. now to politics, republican frontrunner, donald trump has promised to sign a pledge of allegiance to the gop, that means he will back the winner of the gop nomination and has ruled out a third party run for president, stephanie ramos is live in washington, d.c. with the details. good evening. >> good evening sharrie, gop leader, donald trump surprising some when he signed the gop pledge. >> it was decision day for the donald, gop presidential front runner, telling supporters in front of trump tower that he signed the loyalty pledge. >> the best way for the republicans to win is if i win
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the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up and for that reason, i have signed the pledge. >> trump spoke after meeting with republican national committee chair pledging he will support the eventually nominee ruling out a third party bid for the white house. >> the rnc asked all gop candidates to sign the pledge. trump out a threat of a third part kbri run as a way of gaining leverage, continued the all out war of words with jeb bush. >> i watched him on television and it's a little bit sad. >> calling trump's statement and bizarre and hurtful toward the hispanic community. >> he doesn't believe intolerance or the things that created this great country. >> meanwhile hillary clinton's
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aides are testifying on capitol hill this week about benghazi and emails, he will take thetive and rather than take questions from the benghazi committee. >> the clinton campaign says they have encouraged all aides to answer questions, including pagleano who set up the private server. patriots quarterback is now free to play in the nfl season opener, his four game suspension was overturned by a federal judge, brady was suspended by the nfl for his alleged involvement in the deflate-gate scandal. the nfl will appeal the decision, more on this coming up at 5:30. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report
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thursday night. lets take it live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> all is not fine on the vine, as we attempt to head home, the vine street expressway on the westbound side, a crash blocking a couple of lanes, the two left lanes are squeezing by. at the ben franklin parkway, you see all the traffic waiting past the accidents scene. the inner drives are still closed and will be until tuesday morning, in both directions for made in america, outer lanes close at 10:00, tomorrow afternoon's ride down the parkway you won't be able to make it. it's closed in its entirety, and a closure at buck hill road at byberry road and the problems continue at oaks tlrk is a bloke endown dump truck blocking both lanes and huge jams out of king of prussia head for ridge pike
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or german town pike as better bets. >> we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> if you have to. a possible break in the case of the suspects in illinois. and now they are trying to reach a better life in western europe. and health check, too much noise, a woman hears everything that is going on inside of her own body.
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chaos broke out at a hungary bakery, packing a train hoping to reach austria, police stop the train just short of the border and fights broke out, and hours later they were sitting on the island train without food or water, thousands are trying to escape poverty and war and hungarian officials say they are
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simply enforcing european rules on undocumented travelers. they have made significant progress in the search for suspects in the shooting and killing of an officer. a resident has turned over surveillance footage showing three people in fox lake, investigators say they will review the video once it has been processed by homeland security officials. imagine being able to hear every sound inside of your body, a very real condition. one woman is sharing her story with others. ali gorman is at the big board. >> it's superior semi circular canal. when the bone between the inner
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ear and brain develop tiny holes, one in 500,000 people have it. it can be debilitating. >> for months rachel pine never had a moment's peace. >> i can hear my heart beating and it's thump, thump. >> she is not focus on you. or hear what you are saying. >> she was losing her balance and seeing many doctors. she learned it was when one of bony canals develops a tiny hole and the fluid carries sound from the body into the hearing chamber. >> you hear your own heartbeat and voice and own eyeballs move, it sounds strange but it is common for these patients. >> they are seeking psychiatric
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help, because they can't escape the condition. >> rachel when to her home for a minimally invasive operation offered at ucla medical center, they makd an opening the size of a dime and with a device they fine the hole and seal it. >> it's like a heat seeking missile. the surgery gave rachel instant relief. >> when i woke up, he thought oh my gosh it's gone. >> the doctors at ucla say they see ten cases a month with this condition, and one of the few centers in the country with the state of the art technology to fix it. it seems to be more common among middle abled adults.
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americans are expected to spend more this holiday year thanks to cheaper gas prices, the lowest price for a labor day weekend since 2004 and that made it less expensive for americans
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to travel, the savings could boost spending costs over 2% over last year. a preschool in hunting park section is showing off its new and improved look, they cut the ribbon on this new literacy learning lab today. pnc delivered a grant for the project. the new lab promotes math, literacy and technology skills, the new -- is availableable at rowan college, bumper cars and a trampoline welcomed students and they got to enjoy lunch thanks to the culinary arts program. them is the first year rowan partnered with burlington county college. meantime we look outside at sky 6 at the jersey shore, folks on the beach in atlantic city,
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, meteorologist, adam joseph is there and he has an eye on that holiday weekend, but still we have to get through tomorrow first. >> some may jump the gun and
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we'll finally break the heat wave tomorrow, five days now with temperatures in the 90s with heat wave number five, sunday 91 degrees and sunday we thought was hot at 95 and down to 93 and today the hot of the day of the year at 96 degrees. that is not official. here are some of the other highs, 92 in allentown un92 in dover and 94 at the atlantic city airport in pomona. and it was 90 in toms river and 88 in wildwood. we are watching a front to the north that will end this heat wave, and it's sparking a couple of thunderstorms splitting lake harmony right now, near mt. pocono and they are small storms and most of us will stay dry this evening and overnight.
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that is positioned near i-80, and as it moves to the south it switches from the northeasterly direction and that will still remain on the humid side for the end of the week. it still feels tropical out there and an isolated downpour. and temperatures better in much of the area and future tracker showing tomorrow hazy sunshine and could be a stray downpour around and in the afternoon that is the better opportunity to see some of those scattered downpours and thunderstorms, especially i-95 to the north and west and it looks to stay dry at the shore and on saturday, we are looking good here, it's going to be humid for the beginning of your friday and it drops over the weekend, and your get away for friday, if you can escape early, with an afternoon storm, clouds and sun at the shore and a high of just 76 degrees, your five-day at 5:00,
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with highs in the 80s, and still above average for this time of your, it's humid tomorrow, dry on saturday, with respect to the humidity, full sun here and hot and dry heat here at labor day and 90 and heat wave number six begins on tuesday, humid and 92 degrees, a place to beat the heat is at the shore in ocean city, and meteorologist, melissa magee, got a super sized gelato there, you know where to go on the boardwalk to cool off. >> that is right. >> adam i'm still dancing and grooving and the melody is in my head, we are inside of schreibers gelato, and i'll trade this is for the real deal, we'll have more on the hot holiday happenings and forecast coming up. how is that ice-cream?
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>> ring monica what is your flavor? >> mint chocolate chip. >> free. >> we knew that. >> stick around.
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"action news" continues, with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> here is what is happening on "action news" on thursday night. the patriots have their star quarterback for the first game of the season. the walls are starting to come down at a historic school in trenton, plus a dramatic art exhibit is bringing pope francis' message of hope and faith. and the nfl will appeal the decision to overturn the suspension of tom brady. the nfl had suspended brady for four regular season games for his alleged role in deplating football footballs, today's role will mean he will play in the first game. >> one more victory for tom
5:31 pm
brady who with now start the season for the patriots as quarterback after the federal court overturned the suspension. there is no proof that he actually tampered with football, rather the judge took aim at the way the nfl handled the process. >> it was so deficient he needed to overturn the decision. >> brady was never told what he was accused of or what the consequences might be. they say that roger goodell, may have dispensed his own brand of industrial justice. >> the nfl will appeal, but not seek a stay. that leaves brady free to play against pittsburgh. >> i'm surprised, we have to be prepared to play against tom and the crew up there in new england. >> in new england patriots fans
5:32 pm
rejoiced i was confident that he didn't do anything. >> and the patriots reacted with a simple tweet, of brady pumping his fist. >> world news tonight, with david muir will have more on deflate-gate ruling. in other news ton, the trial of a man charged with the murder of a young woman back in the mid-90s got underway today in philadelphia, rafael crespo is accused of killing a woman in 1996, the teenager was raped and strangled while walking home from school and her body was found inside of a crack house. there were no suspects in the case until dna led authorities to crespo, in 2013, he was serving time in florida for sexually assaulting a family member. police are looking for a man that jumped a police officer and threw her down a 40 foot
5:33 pm
embankment. the officer was investigating a vehicle stop the along route 309 when the suspect assaulted her, the officer did hit the man with her stun gun and called for backup. they are not commenting on the severity of the officer's injuries. police are looking for a violent robbery suspect that shot at the owner in park side last week, this is surveillance video from inside of mastery grocery, the man hit one of the workers in the back of the head with a gun and then forced him to open the cash register. and the manager came out and he fired a shot at him but missed. the delaware state fire marshal's office says the playground blaze in newcastle was no accidents, investigators determine that someone set simon's park ablaze last night.
5:34 pm
it caused $60,000 in damage. and more on the demolition of trenton high school. cameras were over the school when they started the demolition, trenton high was plagued for years with leaking pipes and crumbling walls and structural engineers determined that the damage was so great that it could not be salvaged and it is expected to be finished by the spring of 2016. you have seen some heavy construction on the parkway but has nothing to do with the roads, it's a special art installation for pope francis finally in place, it's the noted grotto, a massive piece of public art part of a warm welcome for the pope when he arrives at the cathedral, it includes 20,000 strips of woven
5:35 pm
cloths or knots with inscriptions of struggles that people are facing. >> it was inspired by one of pope francis' favorite paintings. the knots represent all the struggles we have been can work through them together. >> it represents the cry of the poor in our time and includes the struggles from all walks of life. >> the art installation was commissioned by project home and the justice and mercy campaign and there was even a song written and performed especially for the noted grotto art piece and it's unveiling today. the knots were collected over the past few months from all off the world, and the public can still add their knots as a show of final, the artwork is on display from now until the pope's visit. including the newly released
5:36 pm
ticketing information there you will find our ongoing coverage with everything you need to know before the pontiff's arrival, tune in friday night for a special edition of 20/20, pope francis and the people, see the virtual papal audience from three different cities, david muir moderated the event, and can you see it here on 6 abc. zbll thank you sharrie, a special time for our city. now lets check out what is going on at the shore for the weekend. lets go to melissa magee live in ocean city, your last thursday melissa, make it a good one and a delicious one as well. >> yes, that is right, it is delicious, i went for the ice-cream cone and now the ice-cream cup, as a matter of fact this is gelato, this is schreibers gelato, they also
5:37 pm
have crepes, check out jaime making one of his specialty crepes, they have espresso and name it they have got it. we did mention this is our final hoorah down at the shore. you guys having a good time? >> yes! >> check out what is going on down at the shore. if are you looking for a way to savor the last few ways of summer head to a.c. for the annual boardwalk art show, and find a variety of fine arts and crafts from local artists, stroll along the boardwalk for a color day of arts and entertainment. from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.? ocean city, it's all about the activity, spend the weekend enjoying all the shore staples and run it off on monday, the ocean city labor day race kicks off with a five mile beach walk
5:38 pm
and one mile fun run or walk. once are you done with the race head over to ventnor for barbecue on the beach, fire up the grill because you no longer need a permit. have a great end to the summer season, we'll see you one last time down at the shore. >> reporter: all right, so i remember the last hour adam was talking about schreibers and how they have these great chocolate covered strawberries, and check them out they are as big as my fist, rick and monica in your b absence i decided to han them
5:39 pm
out. >> awe enjoy everybody. >> don't enjoy. >> don't listen to him. you go ahead. either one. you are all out already. you were hoping for the last one in the corner. >> not like we get any food from any of these reports, thanks melissa. time to check the traffic story, back in the traffic center with an update that is probably just as sour. >> better luck next year. after that report i don't know how you could not want to go to the boardwalk for that delicious food, it looks like some people are getting a jump on the holiday weekend and heading down to the shore, delays on the schuylkill and 95 approaching the walt whitman bridge, and traffic is jammed the length and romaines that way down 42 and is at a stand still on the southbound sides of 422,
5:40 pm
westbound lanes, the disabled truck at the oaks interchange is cleared out but a travel time is still six times what it should be. coming out of king of prussia, speeds like 10 miles per hour and those delays spill back on to the schuylkill expressway, and in the back the vehicles ran into each other and you may want to use ridge pike or german pike. and the crash on the westbound vine has cleared and they will stay closed for made in america through tuesday morning. rick and monica back over to you. >> thank you again matt. more to come on "action news." the kentucky county clerk is issuing same-sex marriage licenses now behind bars. and the eagles, getting ready for their final game against the mets. and melissa will return from ocean city for more on the all important labor day weekend forecast.
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the white man accused of gunning down six black men in a church in south carolina, will face the death penalty. dillon roof faces federal charges including hate crimes. one marine is dead and 11 others are hurt, after a training exercise that went wrong in north carolina, officials say that 20 marines were practicing how to exit a hovering helicopter by sliding down ropes, that is when a chopper had to make a hard landing at a base last night. two of the marines remain hospitalized in stable condition. a defiant county clerk in kentucky are behind bars for refusing to issue marriage
5:45 pm
licenses to same sex couples. davis has refused to issue marriage licenses because of her christian faith, and she would be released if she promised not to interfere with her deputies, five of her six deputies agreed to issue the licenses all except for her son. jaime apody is getting ready for their final preseason game tonight. >> do you think we should watch? >> there is plenty to watch for. finally the finale, the eagles and jets kick off for the final preseason game, make or break for those that are not a lock to make this team. all eyes are on the two quarterbacks jeff competing for one job like the eagles version of bachelors, two guys one rose one stays and one goes. right? >> with a love affair with tim
5:46 pm
tebow continue for the eagles, he has not played in a regular season game since playing for the jets three years ago and today playing against the jets could be his last chance to make a team. look how relaxed tim tebow is going into the final preseason game, he runs out on his phone face timing on the iphone, before chip kelly calls tebow's number, matt barkley will make the start against new york and he is expected the play the first half as they battle for the third job neither guy has thrown a touch down in the preseason, like fans at home, the guys on the team are interested to see how this plays out. >> i'm interested in seeing both guys play, i like them both, they are both team guys, i'm not interested in the competition
5:47 pm
aspect, i'm interested in watching our offense play. >> barkley we know what he can do, i have played with him in the regular season, he is a great player, and tim, you know i when to school with him for four years and i was his roommate and from winning the heisman and two national championships since then, he is ten times better since then. other jobs up for grabs, kenyan barner making a push to keep another running back. he expects to make a difference tonight against the jets. >> it's big man but at the same time, i have to go out and do my part. and continue to make plays and capitalize on opportunities. >> and could this be the end of the road for the eagles
5:48 pm
including barner, they have to cut the roster down to 53 by saturday at 4:00. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." thanks jeff. >> you know the saying, cheaters never prosper, how come that doesn't apply to the patriots, today they ruled in favor of tom brady and nullified their four game suspension, a surprising decision making roger goodell look pretty darn bad. and this frees up brady to play. one week from today he suits up in their opener against the steelers, eagles fans can take solace in the fact that the cowboys have to face brady in week four. >> it's all hearsay and stuff like that, we are all angry about the spy gate scandal. >> they are playing them this year. playing the regular season. thank you jaime.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong?
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and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down. lets head back to melissa magee live in ocean city having fun. >> we are having fun, we are about to wrap up the end of our summer season but that doesn't
5:52 pm
mean the fun has to stop. who is ready to go back to school! >> i didn't think that would work. the parents are ready and people are on the sand with their beach umbrellas enjoying what is rest of their holiday. the heat was on today in philadelphia, we had a high temperature of 96 degrees, the hottest day so far this year, the record was 100 set back in 1953, it was hot today and not near record territory, some of the other numbers in the delaware and lehigh valley, in philadelphia, wilmington and trenton and reading, we have heat indexes at 94 degrees, that is a popular number but along the shore, 88 in beach haven, you factor in the heat index in atlantic city, temperatures however, satellite 6 along with action radar shows you that we are tracking a back door cold front that is moving in and can
5:53 pm
you see that front approaching buffalo and binghamton and all the way up across the areas in new england and this continues to dip to the south and we track a few pop-up showers and scattered storms to the north of our region, the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight, we are feeling tropical, with an isolate the shower or thunderstorm as the frontal boundary continues to dip southward and 75 degrees if philadelphia. it will be a rather warm night, the thunderstorm is likely north of the city, future tracker 6 will time it out for you, you can see clouds and pockets of sunshine and one or two pop-ups around, and as we get into afternoon hours, a shower or scattered thunderstorm is likely at any time in the afternoon, and you'll notice moisture south and west of philadelphia, once the frontal boundary moves on through things look nice for the holiday weekend on saturday and
5:54 pm
a nice mixture of sun and clouds, if you are traveling down the shore, it won't be too bad not the best start tomorrow, more clouds than sunshine and keep in mind there is a moderate or high risk of rip currents, down at the shore you my want to swim where lifeguards are pleasant, 78, and sunday a high temperature of 80 degrees, it's beautiful by then. up in the poconos, tomorrow well it looks like we'll have the threat of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm around with a high temperature of 76. and on saturday, brilliant sunshine and 77 and gorgeous by sunday enjoy it with a high of 79. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, on friday humid with a thundershower around high temperature coming in at 87 degrees and on saturday, temple up against penn state, sunny and nice and a high of 85 degrees on sunday it's sunny and hot and in
5:55 pm
at 90 and hot for labor day with a high of 91 degrees, 92 on tuesday and hot and humid and still above average on wednesday and showers and storms move in as we get into thursday with a high of 87, we are more than likely going to have another heat wave just in time we get into our alcohol day weekend and beyond. >> this is our last hoorah. i am gathering friends, we have the shore staples and taffy and popcorn, hopefully have you fun this weekend down at the shore. a good one but hot one. >> thanks melissa. more news after we come right back.
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we are following that story tonight at 6:00, that is it for "action news" at 5:00, i'll see you next at 6:00. >> good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thursday night, jim is off and i'm monica malpass, in the news today marks the hot of the day of 2015, and emergency repairs will delay the start of the school year in northeast philadelphia. but the big story on "action
6:00 pm
news" is the announcement on new opportunities to see the pope in philadelphia. officialed say that pope francis will take part in two parades down the ben franklin parkway, john officials discuss ticketed available for the pope's public events? >> yes, yesterday was a surprise that people needed tickets to see the pope's mass, today's design was hopefully to stop the grumbling for yesterday. >> it will allow everyone to gather on the ben franklin parkway and beyond to see the holy father up close. >> talking about one of two papal parades down the parkway, in contrast to yesterday's surprise of the red zone, purple zone map, to get close to the


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